It’s Hot Outside but Your Water Heater Still Needs a Blanket

Even insulated water heaters lose heat to the space around them. This isn’t good because your are paying for that water to be hot, and it takes plenty of energy to warm it, too. During the winter months that is wasteful, but at least the warmth is usually being lost to a heated space. In the summertime though this situation packs a double whammy. You are using energy (and money) to cool your home and heat your water… and then allowing the heated water to heat up your air conditioned home!

For just a few dollars and a trip to the hardware store you can get a water heater blanket. They are easy to install and last the lifetime of your water heater.

Need to replace your water heater and considering a tankless model? While they are energy efficient, read this Consumer Report before you buy a new system.