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Huber House: Positive Energy Generation Explored…
The Huber’s home will feature a number of building methods and technologies that result in a home that uses far less energy and feels more comfortable than a typical home. Employing “high performance building” methods, the home will be opened periodically to demonstrate and educate those interested in energy conservation, long term cost savings, advancing renewable energy sources, and other practices required to combat and adapt to our changing climate.

High performance building methods are those that integrate and optimize major aspects of constructing residential, multifamily and commercial buildings. These characteristics include energy conservation, durability, environmental impact, safety, security, accessibility, and functionality.   Come back and visit us to see updates in our NEWS blog.

Welcome to Energy Shift.
You have choices in how you consume energy…

We want you to know how easily fossil fuel use can be reduced by shifting to renewable alternate energy sources or to more efficient products and practices.

Different people will be motivated to shift their energy usage for different reasons. Whether you are motivated by:

Patriotism – because you care deeply about the strength and stability of this country and are concerned about the skyrocketing trade deficit and the huge volume of imported oil we consume…

Environmental Concern – because you are convinced that burning fossil fuels not only contributes to air pollution locally, but to climate change globally…

Saving Money – because it makes sense to save money wherever and however you can so that you will be more financially secure and able to buy all the things you need and some of the things that you want…

Faith – tells you that it is your moral duty to respect and protect all of God’s creation and that includes living in a way that minimizes your impact on the earth…

Energy Shift® can inform and help you to make small changes in your life that will, collectively, make big changes in our world. Energy conservation starts here.

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