About Us

About Energy Shift®

Founded by Laurie Huber in 2005, Energy Shift® is the realization of ideas that have been gaining momentum since the OPEC oil embargo and the first Earth Day in the early 1970’s. Focused on the principle that the backbone of change is individual action—Energy Shift® gives you simple tools and useful information to move away from dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy Shift® wants to inform people about choices they have in how they consume energy. We are dedicated to educating and encouraging energy consumers to make choices that shift energy consumption away from polluting, often imported, fossil fuels to renewable energy sources or more efficient products.

Energy Shift® is a company that provides information and products to consumers to enable them to reduce their use of fossil fuels. Energy Shift® seeks to reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil and levels of air pollution from combustion sources and to increase individual consumer action toward those reductions.

Energy Shift® begins with a mind shift. Get started with any, or all, of our four products that will put you on the path to a lifestyle that is energy efficient and conscious of the impacts that our choices have on our health, our economy, and our planet.

We have selected four products to feature and expect to add more over time. Each of them will help you with your own personal shift in energy consumption. Each of these items is:

  • Easy to use, no plumber or electrician is needed to put these products to use right away.
  • Can be used every day, all year round—you can make an important difference, right now.
  • Inexpensive, so you can expand your use of them easily and have an even greater impact.