Back To Basics Monday – Running Water

Don’t forget that whenever you are letting the water run you are not only consuming water, but energy as well.  Letting water run at the bathroom or kitchen sink until it is warm; not turning off the water while you are washing dishes, or preparing food; lingering for long showers all uses plenty of energy. 

Not only is the heating of water an energy user, but pumping it to where you are using it uses energy as well. So, just because its cold water doesn’t mean you aren’t using energy. If you are on a public water system, there is the added energy used to treat that water to make it safe to drink.

This week, as you are preparing festive foods; cleaning the house; and, getting dressed up to welcome guests or be a guest at someone else’s gathering – relax, enjoy, indulge in tasty things and good company – but don’t forget that tens of millions are doing the same. If we all could get behind using just a little less water during this busy week we’d not only save significant volumes of water but conserve significant quantities of fuel as well.