Cold Weather Brings Concerns Over Energy Consumption and Outcries From Climate Change Deniers

Power companies and electrical grid managers in various parts of the country appeal to the public to reduce energy consumption during record breaking stretch of energy use. Meanwhile, others claim that the frigid temperatures are proof that global warming is a hoax and that the term “polar vortex” is a fabrication to scare people.

 Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you believe about these things. There is more than one reason to move away from fossil use and embrace better products and practices. As we have been saying for many years now, making an energy shift is important if you:

1. Want to save money;

2. Are concerned about the health effects from the extraction of coal, oil and gas and the  

    by-products of their combustion;

3. Are concerned about national security; or

4. Are concerned about the well being of the planet.