Interest in Electric Cars is Beginning to Surge

You may have heard of Tesla Motors. They make beautiful cars with a steep price point, ranging from about $60K to $95K. Go to, and see the great look and explanation of how they work. Although they are too pricey for many of us, they are a valuable contribution to the luxury car market.

You may not have heard of Detroit Electric. Although the company existed early in the last century, like other electric car producers of that era (and there were several) they ultimately went out of business. But, Detroit Electric is roaring back onto the scene as of April 3, 2013—tomorrow! Check out, to see the “rebirth” of the old company. In their press release, issued March 19, 2013, they state, “After an absence of over 70 years, Detroit Electric, the innovative electric car manufacturer, has returned to the legendary Motor City, promising job creation and a range of exciting 100% electric vehicles for the mass market.” They go on to say, “Following five years of relentless research and engineering development, the first model to carry the renowned Detroit Electric logo will be a limited-edition two-seat sports car. Certain to quicken pulses thanks to its bold styling, outstanding performance, exhilarating handling characteristics and impressive range, this new sports car will be launched early next month in Detroit, ahead of a global public reveal at the Shanghai Motor Show on 20 April.”

Okay, but what if you don’t have an extra $50K to $100K lying around; or a two-seater doesn’t fit with your needs right now… then what? Most of the standard carmakers are now engaged in electric car sales or development. Think Chevrolet Volt, Ford Focus Electric, Toyota RAV4 or Prius plug-ins, Nissan Leaf, Honda Fit, Mitsubishi i.  Don’t forget the Europeans with Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and others all involved with electric cars. Many of these models are designed to meet the needs of “the rest of us”.

Not convinced? Listen to the replay of a webinar that was offered last month.  Carmakers and sellers are working hard to capture the confidence of car buyers in America.