Report on Climate Change Contains Critical Information that Few Will Read

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a comprehensive report filled with critical information.  Sadly, two things will keep this report from being read by many. First, it is massive and very technical which will discourage many. Second, it continues the scientifically valid but practically self-destructive feature of reporting likely impacts over the 21st century. Humans don’t often pay much attention to things that will impact them in twenty or fifty years… they just don’t.

 Yet many of us are feeling the effects now. Right now. No one can deny the extreme weather experienced globally recently. Climate change deniers say, this is normal and that swings in weather are the way it has always been—and they are right—swings in weather from year to year are perfectly normal. Other deniers say that with all of this cold weather “warming” is a joke. Well, once again: ocean warming causes climate changes, those changes are of all kinds: more cold, more heat, more rain, more drought—its about more extremes.

One part of the IPCC report is called, “Summary for Policymakers” but it too is long and technically dense. You can check it out here, and we hope that you will.

 Rather than being one that is caught by surprise and at the mercy of emergency response personnel, be one of those that has planned and adapted for the changes that are here and increasing. At the same time, take steps every day to minimize what is coming at us, by moving away from fossil fuel use, make an Energy Shift.