Saving Money

Fossil fuels are in demand today like no other time in history. Not only is the United States standard of living at an all-time high, but large nations such as China and India are improving their standard of living as well. This places an upward pressure in the cost of fossil fuel. What seems like a small savings today will amount to significant savings over time and could be even greater as rates for energy rise.

The use of CFLs will reduce the cost of lighting your home. The use of insulated outlet covers on the outer walls of your home will reduce heat loss in the winter and the loss of cooled air in the summer.

The use of cloth bags is primarily to shift away from plastic bags, a disposable petroleum based product, but this also may save you money. As more and more communities require waste reduction on the part of its citizens to keep municipal costs down, use of a cloth bag will reduce the total volume of waste plastic bags. You can use the plastic bags that you do have as trash bags instead of purchasing them.

There are many ways to shift away from fossil fuel use, most of which also result in financial savings—learn about them by checking our News page from time to time.


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